Chinese Communist Party Marks 100th Anniversary with Hypocritical Statement

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Their leaders took the opportunity to criticize the United States over slavery. Instead of defending or explaining their present policies, they deflected criticism of their regime by criticizing America. I was offended. A superficial understanding of this divisive issue is being used by the enemies of America to divide our nation. I hope to present a more realistic view with this article.

Throughout the history of mankind, slavery was practiced. It was also widely accepted. But not in America. The birth of America brought a new mentality, that “all men are created equal,” as was boldly declared in the Declaration of Independence. We backed that up with Article 1, Section 9, Clause 1, which forced a sunset date to slavery within 20 years.

The Northern States moved to abolish slavery, while the Southern States did not. For the next few decades, the “underground railroad” was organized for runaway slaves to flee the oppression in the south. After six decades of arguing this issue, we fought a war, the Civil War.

Where else in the history of the Earth would a country engage in a civil war for the ideal that we are all created equal? The United States of America was the first nation that fought for abolition.

What about China? China practiced slavery for millennia. They maintained the practiced even into the 20th Century. People were sold and traded openly in marketplaces. Stories about the practice were told and retold to me as I was growing up in China.

With the way they treat their people, especially the Uyghurs, some argue that slavery continues today in China. This brings up another question. What is Slavery? Is a slave one that works in the cotton field, as depicted in CCP cartoons? Aristotle answered that question over two millennia ago. He taught that a slave is one in whom property rights were taken so that his livelihood is dependent on somebody else, his master.

China continues to have a terrible record on Human Rights. The Uyghurs continue to have their right to life and property taken from them.

Fellow Americans, is the same happening with us?