Disappointment in the Idaho Legislature

On Friday, November 12th, I interrupted my regular schedule to attend a town hall meeting with the three members of the legislature from District 28. These legislators said that they said that they wanted to know what their constituents thought of the vaccine mandate. The overwhelming message was that the State of Idaho must pass a nullification bill, pushing back on all vaccine mandates.

I left the meeting hopeful that the rights of Idahoans would be protected, that the choice of being vaccinated or not would be left to individuals rather than the government. Sadly, it was not to be. They passed a symbolic resolution condemning President Biden’s vaccine mandate. Symbolic, because the resolution does absolutely nothing.

At least the conservative members of the Idaho House did their part. They sent bills to the Idaho Senate that would have provided Idahoans with the protections they need. Equally true is the unwillingness of the State Senate to be on the side of the People.

The Idaho State Senate is the problem, and it is time to send them a different message. Last Saturday I listened as Liberty Dinner host, John Crowder, quoted Representative Ron Nate’s statement that, “The Idaho State Senate is where good bills go to die.” I believe that to be true. They need to be replaced. Voted out! Excepting a couple, every senator needs to be replaced.

Idaho, it is time for you to investigate the voting records of your senators and remember them in the next election.